Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Wiroredjan Sister

Hi, everyone!
This is our first post in this blog.

I am Sari...and I am Thia.
We are "The Wiroredjan Sister"!!!

Well, this is our new thing (and we hope to be the next big thing) that we're trying to do in our 27th age. 
Some people say that 27 is the crisis age. 
But, for us...this is our first step to build the ever lasting dream.

We always want to make some thing in fashion and creativity.
We dream of making our own brand one day.
Yes, yes...dream is a dream.
We might have difficulty to make it happen.
But, we never stop believe in. 

We hope...this blog is our new door to the success.
"Long live creativity!!!"

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