Sunday, October 7, 2012


Hi everyone ... sorry I just re-post. This time I tried to lift one of batik fabric pride in my country Indonesia, which has been recognized . October 2, today is a day of national batik where almost every person use this batik is what made ​​me want to discuss about batik.

Many experts theories that explain the origins of batik, but it seems no one minded. Indeed, many countries that have motifs such as batik cloth, but it is certain that with the philosophy of the complex and rich motif only in Indonesia. There is a sense in one of fabric batik motif Sido Mulyo there is hope and pray that people who wear batik to be great.

There are many things we can learn from a piece of batik cloth and those interested in the world of cloth would not hurt to find out about batik Indonesia because in addition to having a beautiful motif, each possessed its own meaning batik interesting to learn.

if you want to know more details see the video below

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