Monday, August 20, 2012

coffee .. when he heard these words the mind is sitting at the coffee shop, listening to the strains of the song and smell the coffee that is being formulated by the barista. Mmmmm .... nice atmosphere.

Nowadays, many coffee shops in big cities like Jakarta. For coffee lovers like us is not difficult to find a place to indulge us. Seeing today's lifestyle, coffee is no longer just weeks to coffee lovers. Seeing the need for a coffee shop can be a place to hang-out for young people up to the meeting place for young executives who are elderly even exists.

Seeing all that coffee shops can be categorized as a modern lifestyle, or even fashion for some people who work or casual style while holding a cup of coffee is almost as accessories for them.

Yes ... indeed besides taste delicious and convenient place. Coffee can also eliminate fatigue after a long day of work and facing crowds capital. What about you guys? Whether including the likes coffee? Or just follow the trend? Or you have an opinion about a coffee shop? Simply express your opinion .... we wait for a comment from you ...


  1. These are impressive! I usually only get a heart in my latte each morning! hahah Followed you on GFC. Come visit my blog and follow back if you like it xx


    1. thanks for follow me Marla. i've seen your blog, and i love it. So i follow you back...pls don't stop to give your comment in my blog. Thanks Marla...