Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Summer time….
very…very..hot that the right words to describe this summer.
The heat makes me must choose the right  clothing when im hang out, but it doesn’t hinder me to stay stylish.
We can still fashionable this summer, there is a view tips from the expert .
We can follow that tips

Thin materials
Thin and loose clothes are very comfortable to wear in the weather when the temperature is higher and makes us easy to sweat. Choose own clothes with a material that can absorb sweat well.

without Arm
And patterned garments without sleeves, or sleeveless dress with calf length can give a different impression. Which can also be tested is the color neon dress with accents on the collar or an additional one-piece dress with shocking colored scarves as additional accessories.

A friend of your shorts this summer. Shorts are patterned or colored light to be the right choice. Short-cut tops you can try also to antique style summer.

Flats shoes
Sandals, flat shoes, and short heels will give you comfort when doing activities all day in the summer.

But remember fashion should be comfortable in ourselves. choose your style and be comfortable in yourself.

Thanks for reading our blog. Hope this is can help you to dress-up, wait for next posting.

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